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Silver fiber anti - oxidation and sweat - resistant stretch cloth
Author: Time:2020-01-02

It is often used in electric bra, thin body electric underwear, anti-bacterial and anti-radiation underwear, etc

100% silver fiber stretch cloth:

Composition and content: 100% silver fiber

Electromagnetic screen value: about 30DB

Functions: anti-radiation, anti-static, anti-bacterial, conductive, etc.

The action principle of silver fiber and its application in textiles

1. Good anti-radiation effect

Silver fibers transmit electricity very quickly and efficiently, preventing the body from receiving an electric shock and protecting the body from electromagnetic waves (pregnant women protect their fetuses from electromagnetic waves). Through the strict test of China Shanghai test center, the shielding effect of 60-80db can be achieved in the electromagnetic frequency range of 0.1mhz to 20GHz.

2. The antistatic

People often encounter static click and static adhesion and other problems, in some industrial production, this can cause serious harm, as it is known that silver is the highest conductivity of the object, so the silver fiber is an excellent anti-static textile. Clothing or footwear such as products, containing a small amount of silver fiber materials, can quickly dissipate the friction charge, static electricity disappeared, and become a safe and comfortable product.

3. Silver fiber deodorization (no odor) function:

Hengtong silver fiber provides both antibacterial and deodorant functions. Bacteria breeding will make people produce body odor, coincidently, qualitative protein also produces odor on the product such as clothes and socks, because the composition of the surface of hengong silver fiber can absorb qualitative protein immediately on it and reduce and eliminate odor.

4. Antibacterial functions of silver fiber:

The antibacterial function of hengtong silver fiber has been proved by many famous institutions in the world. Besides after many experiments and testing, in the past few years, more is often issued many medical journals in the focus of the outline of some of the documents is emphasized in the silver fiber offers unparalleled have not had high antibacterial function, a considerable amount of discourse is what people wear in silver fiber products, can be a very effective control bacteria breeding of sweat.

Elimination rate of bacteria

The silver fiber can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria exposed to the surface in less than an hour (while most other antibacterial products cannot achieve the same effect after 48 hours of testing).

5. Safe and natural elements

Hengtong silver fiber is made of pure silver. It is a natural metallic silver catalyzed by the ionic state of fiber and cloth with the world's cutting-edge technology. It is a natural element formed by nature and cannot be free from the toxic and side effects of general chemical products. Silver is one of the most medically safe and benign elements for mammals (the use of chemical antibacterial products has potential to harm the human body).

6. A permanent

Prosper silver fiber will not only make the surface of processing, but silver and fiber polymerization into not shed a single individual, become shiny silver fiber whole, prosper the silver fiber function is permanent, won't because time and decreasing, prosper the silver fiber after actual 50 times wash test, still did not reduce its antibacterial function.

Regulation of body temperature (warm in winter and cool in summer) : the regulation of body temperature on warm days

Conduction is the main means of transferring heat, and the hengtong silver fiber can accelerate the heat from the human skin, and the traditional fabric is a barrier, it directs the heat of the human skin to the surrounding air, making the body feel cool, moisture transfer, as mentioned earlier, hengtong silver fiber through evaporation to accelerate the movement of moisture. In hot weather, hengtong silver fiber clothing can minimize moisture contact with the skin, thus improving comfort.

8. Eliminate static electricity and promote blood circulation (maintain health)

Hengtong silver fiber has the characteristics of curative effect. Its superior medical characteristics have been widely applied in burn and scald medical products.

Because of the high conductivity of silver, as long as a small amount of hengtongyin fiber exists on the clothing, it will quickly eliminate the static electricity generated by friction, so that the product has no static comfort. Therefore, hengtongyin fiber can conduct out very quickly and efficiently, and can protect the human body from electromagnetic waves.

When an electric current passes through a conducting medium, a magnetic field is naturally generated. According to this view, because the body movement can produce many static friction, prosper when the electrostatic distribution of high conductive silver fiber, silver fiber will convert these electrostatic to magnetic fields, to eliminate static electricity to the body's nervous, can promote blood circulation and reduce float 


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